DotA 2 In Development By Valve

When Valve announced their involvement in the development of Defense of the Ancients 2, gaming news sites around the world swarmed. For those who haven’t heard of Defense of the Ancients, or DotA for short, it is the pioneer of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre in video games. DotA originated as a custom scenario for the widely popular Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, whose development is helmed by Icefrog.

The rise of DotA could be attributed to the fact that it was made for the community and by the community. Its popularity skyrocketed to the millions in 26 different languages worldwide, spawning competitive tournaments such as the World DotA Championship (WDC) and the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament with cash prizes up to USD32,000. Since its release, DotA has become a staple at Blizzard Entertainment’s BlizzCon and the Asian World Cyber Games, as well as the Cyberathlete Amateur and CyberEvolution leagues. Gamasutra declared that DotA was perhaps the most popular “free, non-supported game mod in the world”. Its prominence has also brought competitors looking for a cut in the profits, with similar MOBA-styled games such as League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth popping up.

Fast forward to present day 2010, DotA 2 is under development by Valve together with Icefrog. While DotA has always been a free to play scenario, not counting the initial purchase of Warcraft III, this new game under Valve heralds the start of its commercialization, but whether it becomes Free-to-Play (FTP) with an in-game cash shop or Pay-to-Play (PTP), remains to be seen.

Regardless, there is no doubt DotA 2 would

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PCs For Gaming?

We show you some reasons why the PC is still worth considering when you are looking for a gaming rig. Ideally of course, we will want to have both console machines and gaming PCs to play all our favorite games. However, what if this is not an option? Think that it’s a no-brainer that consoles are your definite choice for a lean mean gaming machine? Well, think again! We give you some reasons why the PC still holds its ground.


At first glance, consoles which fetch a price tag of a few hundred dollars definitely look comparatively cheaper than your PC which cost around a thousand or more bucks. However there are some ‘hidden costs’ you may need to consider before reaching your conclusion.

1. Upgrade costs

Generally, consoles cannot be ‘upgraded’ without changing the whole unit. On the other hand, you can always upgrade your PC by purchasing more memory, storage, or changing to a better graphic card. PC

2. HDTV display

To enjoy the fluid and realistic graphics your console can offer, you often need to get a HDTV. That will easily cost you a few hundred bucks more. Now compare that with the cost of LCD monitors which are capable of running even higher resolutions.

3. Online service charges

Wanna take the competition online? Some consoles charge a monthly service fee for their multiplayer platform. For the PC, there are more free-to-play options e.g. setting up your own LAN or free MMORPG servers.

Availability of titles

In the market today, game development has gone more cross platform. You can often find a PC counterpart for game titles on the PS3 and Xbox 360. While there are exclusive titles released on the consoles, the PC has its fair share of ‘PC only’ games, particularly MMORPGs (think World of Warcraft). The fact is, PCs are generally capable of running games at higher resolution and texture quality than consoles. You probably feel that the console’s graphics on your TV are ‘nicer’ because you are seated at a…

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What Is Your Favourite Type Of Game Genre?

Lots of people play games to unwind, have fun and generally enjoy themselves after a hard day at work. Some of the lucky people will literally play all day!

Unfortunately I am not one of those lucky people so I need to take into account what my favourite type of game is and make sure I play as much as possible of my favourite games.

I have always liked real time strategy games, but recently I have found the community rather lacking in these sorts of games compared to the huge communities of massively multiplayer online role playing games, especially the likes of World of Warcraft.

Another great type of game emerging from the depths of someone’s imagination is the sandbox type game, for example Minecraft. I have always liked playing online with people but the community inside Minecraft is so large and vast that you do really feel online when playing it. Plus you can connect to a server to play it.

Gaming genres can be fairly special for certain people, I know my wife absolutely loves MMORPGs but I tend to like DOTA style or real time strategy style games more.

If like me you want to be able to play as many different game types as possible, then I suggest finding casual quick games you can hop in and out of, some great games for this are: League of Legends, Minecraft, Team Fortress and Starcraft II.

What other game genres are there for you to try? You can always try the great puzzle type games, these are extremely casual and great for you to get involved quickly and be able to take the fun away and not feel pressured to have to constantly play.

I will always like RTS games as they are quick, but have some learning and progression. I highly recommend strategy games for you and your friends.

I have played a lot of various genres and another one that has an unbeatable community of players (if you find the right ones of course) is WoW, this game is fantastic and really gets people involved together. If you like raiding then another great game to try is Everquest 2 or Rift. They are great games for people looking to find a great collection of players.

Many games will continue to be great for years to come and some will be released soon which are guaranteed to make you want to continue playing for years to come. Diablo III is another great game which will keep us entertained, so why not try that one out when it is released on the 15th of May 2012.

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